Selser Schaefer Architects is now Narrate Design

A New Story Begins

We are excited to announce that Selser Schaefer Architects has changed its name to Narrate Design. This re-brand has been years in the making — it was not a decision we took lightly. As we considered how we can rise to meet tomorrow’s challenges, it became clear that our firm needed a name that is inspired by our history of design but also reflects where we are headed — a name that captures our collaborative spirit and thoughtful approach.

Our new name Narrate articulates the parallels between storytelling and architectural design. It succinctly captures the idea that with every project, we create environments that tell your story with purpose, clarity, and a distinct point of view.

The singular name broadens our brand, giving it room to encompass our entire scope of services — architecture, interiors, and planning.

Along with our name change comes a move to our downtown location at 2 West 6th Street, Suite 100. Previously located adjacent to downtown, Narrate moved just a couple of miles west from the outskirts of downtown Tulsa into the heart. The new location allows us to join the transformation that is taking place in our city.

Our new office also serves as a display of our team’s interior design prowess. Located in the historic Transok building, our build-out carefully combines Art Deco inspiration and contemporary office amenities to create a thoughtful showcase of interior architecture.

We are excited about where this change will take us. Whatever lies ahead, one thing is clear: people will remain at the heart of every story and the center of every design.