How We Work

Since 1993, we’ve collaborated with all kinds of clients — and it shows in our diverse body of work. As you explore the projects we’ve collected here, you’ll see everything from placemaking and renovations to thoughtful work, learning, and community environments. It’s a rich spectrum rather than a single specialty. This broad experience informs our design, as well as the efficient processes we use to bring it to life.

Through decades of continually improving and learning from every project, we’ve developed remarkably agile processes to meet your unique goals. We show you how to save money while retaining what you value. We infuse sustainability and constructability in all we do.

We use Revit and other 3D technologies to help you see what your building will look like inside and out, long before construction begins. We serve as your advocate as well as architect, helping navigate regulations, ordinances, LEED® certifications, and more. In the end, it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that creates an exceptional experience.


We support your story — pushing it forward with thoughtful planning and design. By putting people first, we create immersive environments where everyone can thrive.

Our proven, collaborative process for creating exceptional design is the heart of what we do. It enables us to go beyond buildings and systems to designing total environments where people want to be — while meeting each client’s unique goals for functionality. The result is architecture that accommodates people, not the other way around.


It’s common for architects to be passionate about what they do. At [narrate], we’re passionate about your story. Because only by truly understanding our client’s unique operation, can we collaborate on a solution that best supports your mission, your goals, and your needs. This is what makes our design process different. We believe our role as architects is to provide design solutions based on your criteria and to walk you through the myriad of options. It’s all about collaboration. A genuinely successful project happens because of thorough and sincere communication between owner and architect.

Prototype Development

We have extensive experience working with clients whose entire business is centered around a prototypical “machine” designed to engage customers and create brand loyalty. From analyzing your current prototypes for schedule or cost savings to creating customized systems and bills of material for purchase, our team brings it all together. Even with successful, repeat architecture, there’s always a better way to sell. Through our proven process, we can help you move into new markets with speed and efficiency.

– Current Prototype Analysis
– New Prototype Development
– Site Adaptation
– Design of Customized Systems
– Change Management

Construction Documents

The business of architecture and creating buildings with efficiency demands thorough, accurate, and meticulously planned construction documents. This is one of our specialties at Narrate — through our finely honed process and our knowledge of the latest high-tech advancements. Using Revit and other 3D technologies, our team delivers realistic cost estimates and constructability you can count on. This virtually eliminates surprises as well as conflicts between building systems, which can impact schedule and budget. Through our design, we lay the groundwork for a smooth construction process that provides a finished project faster.