“[narrate] painted The Village Flats into life with the finest touch. In each, a powerful individual spirit can be recognized, yet all three harmonize with one another and the surrounding neighborhood. The result is a beautiful canvas of inspired, incremental, human–scale design that respects the community’s social and cultural history while adding significant value.”

- Nathan Garrett, Principal, Tulsa Property Group

The Village Flats Phase I

Residential Community 

Tulsa Property Group is an integrated real estate development, investment, and management company with a mission to develop thoughtfully designed, high-quality walkable communities. As advocates of New Urbanism, Narrate Design was asked to create a multifamily design for The Village Flats located in the Pearl District.

The Pearl District, located at 6th and Peoria, is in the midst of revitalization. Several small shops and restaurants, along with the well-established Village at Central Park townhome community, have led the effort to bring 6th Street to life. But in recent years, a noticeable lack of housing and available real estate had stalled the Pearl’s growth. The goal of the Village Flats? Add missing middle housing and new dining/retail opportunities to further the development of the District. 

The Village Flats are sited adjacent to Centennial Park, a 12-acre public park that features a stop on the public bus line, 4 miles of walking trails, a scenic pond, abundant open space, and native landscaping, the City of Tulsa’s Central Center recreation facility, and stunning views of the downtown Tulsa skyline. The Village Flat’s main building hosts an indoor/outdoor community area as well as 5 units that face the park, turning the vista of Centennial Park into the building’s backyard.

The 3 new buildings in Phase I of the Village Flats are located between the existing townhome community and the future mixed-use development site of Phase II. They physically connect the Village to the Pearl — creating a diverse and vibrant community while infusing Centennial Park with more life and activity.