“Creating more space for the animals will make living conditions better for them and create better enrichment for all the animals. Shelter employees will be able to work a little more stress-free and with more space, and be able to more efficiently do their jobs.”

- Kenny Stevenson, Animal Services Supervisor

Edmond Animal Services

City of Edmond

When the City of Edmond collaborated with Narrate on the design of their new animal services facility, the team envisioned a facility that would not only increase animal adoption but also be valued as an important part of the community. During the design process, we immersed our team in the daily operations of the existing facility. We worked closely with the staff to understand their specific needs and challenges. We gathered insights from visitors looking for a pet. And of course, the safety and comfort of the animals were always top of mind. The resulting design incorporates all of these concerns into one thoughtful solution.

The lobby and pet interaction spaces are defined using glass, wood planking, and translucent ceilings. This maximizes natural views and daylighting while providing shading and a sense of privacy as pets “interview” their future owners. The kennel areas are organized to allow for the safe and efficient movement of the animals. Easy-to-maintain and sound-controlling materials further create a pleasant, positive environment for helping animals find a loving home.


Recently, the City of Edmond engaged Selser Schaefer Architects once again to update this busy facility to provide even more room and services to increase animal adoption and welfare. The 5,000 SF expansion, completed in 2020, includes 48 new kennel spaces, a surgery suite, two additional “get acquainted” rooms and an outdoor “get acquainted” area, a second animal drop-off location, safe room, and two administrative offices. The rest of the building was updated with fresh paint and new finishes so that the expansion and the existing building blend seamlessly.

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