The new Animal Services Center is now an integrated part of the city, able to better support its mission and successfully serve the citizens and animals of Midwest City.

Midwest City Animal Services Center

City of Midwest City

In 2018, Midwest City voters approved four propositions to meet important needs of essential city services. A new Animal Services Center was first on the list! Based on our previous experience with animal welfare facilities and reputation for people-first design, Narrate was selected to help Midwest City create a new Animal Services Center that not only meets the needs of Animal Control Officers but would be a welcoming environment to engage the public and increase adoptions.

The 8,500 SF facility was sited in a new location just north of Regional Park, the city’s largest outdoor recreation area and dog park. This highly visible and accessible position — far from its previous location on the outskirts of town next to the city dump — keeps animal adoptions in the minds of residents.

The site itself is wooded with a stream and surrounding floodplain so Narrate worked to analyze the site and design the building to harmonize with the environment and stay above flood zones. We even reclaimed wood from trees removed during construction to create wood benches and tables used throughout the facility.

When working with bond funds, budget, transparency, and collaboration are always high priorities. During the design phase, Narrate coordinated with stakeholders and user groups to ensure the design of the facility meets their needs. We also used the existing budget as a parameter for design. The end result is a cost-effective metal building that uses color, design, and environmental graphics to turn a humble design solution into a unique and striking building that passersby can’t miss!