A Place Where Children Feel Valued

When we think of the tools we use to help our children learn and grow at school, we think of textbooks, SMART boards, and multiplication tables. But what if the school itself were a powerful learning tool, capable of creating […]

Opening the Possibilities

Two New Elementary Schools Enhance Performance for Stillwater Public Schools

As Oklahoma’s oldest public school district, Stillwater Public Schools (SPS) long enjoyed a reputation for academic achievement. But in recent years, outdated facilities and capacity issues failed to reflect the district’s commitment to excellence. Stillwater voters acted, passing a bond issue in […]

5 Overlooked Keys to a Successful School Environment

Architectural design for schools comes with its own set of responsibilities, including adequate capacity, affordable maintenance and extensive safety features. At Selser Schaefer Architects, we encourage schools and parents to look for these other important qualities shown to improve the learning environment for […]

A Note From Stillwater Public Schools

Superintendent Ann Caine, EdD

“I was greeting students on the first day of school as they entered our new Highland Park Elementary. There is so much light in the beautiful atrium – very different from the old building. As I stood there, a first-grade boy […]

The Relationship Between Environment and Performance

Schools are communities filled with relationships – between students, teachers, art forms and academic subjects. Selser Schaefer Architects draws upon years of experience and evidence-based best practices to design environments that support these relationships — making sure nothing gets in the way of the connections […]