“We’re seeing people taking pictures in front of something that says Oklahoma — that’s colorful, that’s vibrant, that’s first class. That’s what we've always wanted but we’ve never had it — we have it now.”

- Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell

Oklahoma Tourism Information Centers

The State of Oklahoma

Each of Oklahoma’s 10 Tourism Information Centers serves as a necessary stop for travelers across the state. However, the existing Centers were dated, well worn, and not leaving visitors with the best impression of Oklahoma.

Narrate Design was tasked with renovating each Center to create a welcoming “front door” experience for visitors to Oklahoma that reinforces the state’s recent rebranding efforts and is representative of a top 10 state.

We worked hand-in-hand with the State of Oklahoma and Hampton Creative to turn the existing Centers into an indoor/outdoor experience that will serve, entertain, and educate travelers at every turn.

Be Our Guest

Whether you are there to stretch your legs, use the facilities, shop for souvenirs, or learn what to do in Oklahoma, the Tourism Information Centers are ready to welcome you. From updated finishes and furniture to hands-free restrooms, each part of the Center has been modernized for comfort and accessibility.

Light, warm wood details and bright white walls accent the existing wood-paneled vaulted ceilings creating a vibrant environment. Lively green wingback chairs arranged next to an information kiosk and coffee station invite you to take a break from driving and learn more about Oklahoma adventures. Some Centers even offer retail therapy at a gift shop. Creating intentional spaces for comfort and exploration was a vital requirement of the interior renovations.

Each Center also includes a custom, large-scale “Points of Interest” illustrated map of Oklahoma alongside an “Oklahoma Originals” wall, dedicated to telling the story of notable Oklahoma trailblazers, and a “Natural Beauty” wall highlighting photographs of some of Oklahoma’s most iconic landmarks and locations. We collaborated closely with Hampton Creative to ensure the updated architectural finishes and decorative wall graphics worked cohesively.

10 Tourism Information Centers — 10 unique visitor experiences. Imagine that!