“Excelsior not only offers a better working space for both students and USRI customers, it also reminds us to encourage our students to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

- Paul Tikalsky, OSU CEAT Dean

Unmanned Systems Research Institute

Excelsior Building - Oklahoma State University

The design of this new facility, inspired by the creative and innovative nature of flight, is a place for research, design, development, and testing of cutting-edge unmanned aerial systems. The main entry, marked by the roof that cantilevers over the entry plaza, is a simple gesture that boldly captures the sense of flight and motion that defines the activities that happen within.

The exterior utilizes pre-engineered metal building structure and exterior metal skin components in creative ways to give the facility a high-profile presence while meeting a tight budget. The simplicity of the single-slope roof enclosure simplifies stormwater drainage and mitigates needless complexity.