Tulsa Ballet trains young dancers — urging harmony of the body, discipline of the mind and enrichment of the soul.

Tulsa Ballet

Hardesty Center for Dance Education

Tulsa Ballet reaches more than 40,000 individuals each year and is regarded as one of the top ballet companies in North America — consistently bringing the finest works in classical and contemporary dance to the Midwest.

Nurturing young dancers since 2003, this new center will allow the Ballet to present itself to a new group of people . . . young people aspiring to be dancers, parents of those children and others who will avail themselves because the ballet is now in their backyard.

The building design was inspired by ballet itself. The regimentation of the classic ballet positions, the exuberance of combining the positions into expressive dance. Even the barre is expressed on the building exterior as well as the classic pas de deux in the arrangement of form.