Santa Fe Square will enhance the urban lifestyle in downtown Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

Santa Fe Square

Santa Fe Square is the culmination of a decade-long transformation of Tulsa’s Blue Dome District. An Elliot Nelson project, this mixed-use development will reshape an under-utilized parking lot into a thriving, pedestrian-oriented public square.

This emphasis on placemaking will include a comprehensive streetscape. Oversized traffic arteries will be narrowed. Angled on-street parking, wide sidewalks, benches, street lighting, and trees will all contribute to an active pedestrian and bike-friendly street life. This will be a place for the community to slow down and enjoy.

The contemporary classical language reflects the industrial heritage of the District, draws upon the sophisticated worldly aspirations of Tulsa’s early Art Deco patrons, and strengthens the identity of the Blue Dome District.

Tulsa’s downtown is going through a celebrated rebirth. Santa Fe Square will be at the forefront transforming an empty lot into a thriving interplay of walkable streets, trend-setting office environments, urban apartments, stylish hotel amenities, and public gathering spaces buzzing with retail and entertainment.