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What makes one development more attractive to potential residents than one down the street? What makes a work place feel less like work, and more like community? What drives leasing and gives certain developments an edge in the marketplace?

At Narrate, we draw on our diverse experience to create working and living spaces where people want to be. It all comes down to comfort, safety and an environment that draws you in. Our team will bring you ideas for making your project stand out while fitting in your budget. And because timing impacts your return on investment as well, we follow our proven yet adaptive process to keep your project progressing smoothly. Well-designed spaces don’t have to cost more – we can show you how.

Hogan Assessments

As the pioneer of successfully predicting job performance through personality assessments, Hogan Assessments leads its industry and serves some of the most powerful corporations in 57 countries around the world. The company’s previous home office, however, didn’t live up to […]


The Redbud District has been undergoing a visionary transformation spurred by Owasso residents’ desire for more great “third places” — unique places outside of home and work where people can gather to share in the cultural life of the community. […]


CAMPStreet, a prime upscale adaptive reuse urban loft, is located within the thriving CAMPStreet arts community just outside of downtown San Antonio. The historic 1926 Duerler Candy Factory, which was re-purposed for residential use, also features the Linda Pace Foundation […]

Ice House

Ice House, located just east of the Pearl District, is an adaptive reuse of the former Tulsa Ice Company building, built in the mid-1920s. As the former office space for Narrate Design (formerly Selser Schaefer Architects), the Ice House maintains […]

200 East Brady

Through the careful and imaginative use of light, space, materials, and technology, Narrate Design revitalized an old neglected warehouse in Tulsa’s Arts District into an impressive office space for Wallace Design Collective. The original two-story, brick and concrete building was […]