“We needed and wanted something transformative. [narrate] listened to us, dared to be different, and gave us something we had not dreamed of. What a great metamorphosis for the Student Center! This is what we were looking for when we selected them as the architect.”

- Kent J. Smith, Jr. Ph.D. / Former President, Langston University

Langston University Student Success Center

Langston University’s Student Success Center had become outdated and no longer reflected the strong community spirit and values of the student body and the University administration. At the outset, the project was focused on the renovation of the Center’s dining areas. More akin to a high-school cafeteria, the space offered little in the form of varying dining and social experiences.

Through creative discussions with the Administration about project goals and the long-term vision for the Center, the University understood that renovating the dining spaces would not achieve what they really desired — a modern collegiate environment that students could connect with and be proud to call their home away from home… a place that was to be The Heartbeat of Campus.

Because of this realization, the scope of the project morphed into a complete re-imagining of the entire Student Success Center.