The entire rhythm of the shelter's activities culminates in pet adoption

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter

Pronounced “Paws,” PAAS stands for Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter. But what this no-kill shelter truly stands for is saving the lives of stray cats and dogs as it transitions them into permanent, caring homes.

In keeping with this new-home focus, Narrate designed a welcoming facility for PAAS that fuses modern clinic functionality with the familiar feeling of home.

Home means different things to different people, and in this clinic’s small-town setting just a stroll off Vinita’s Main Street, finding the right vernacular was vital. After exploring several options, we alighted on a farmhouse aesthetic that reflects the agrarian feel of the community. Its home-like familiarity not only fits Vinita but also fosters the shelter’s home placement mission, almost like the animals are halfway there.