Constructed from re-purposed shipping containers, this small-scale development brings a unique retail element to downtown.

The Boxyard

Downtown Tulsa has seen a recent revival and continues to thrive and grow. The Boxyard adds variety to that growth in both building type and material. Inspired by an iconic London development, the Boxyard is constructed of shipping containers that endured 8-12 years of international travel. In their previous life, each container made at least one journey across the ocean. Now they creatively converge at the corner of 3rd and Frankfort Avenue, providing space for dozens of small local retailers.

With nearly 20 different businesses in occupancy, Boxyard could arguably be the densest retail in Oklahoma. These small-scale locations are home to several longtime businesses but also serve as a hub for entrepreneurship and small businesses — many of the stores are first-time ventures or second locales. Learn more about the current occupants of the Boxyard here.

The Boxyard is not just for shopping and dining — it is a place for community. The containers surround a courtyard filled with seating while the tops create a wooden boardwalk with space for communal gathering, live music, and entertainment. The Boxyard creates a unique sense of place adding variety to the offerings of downtown Tulsa.