“We are composting from the cafeteria now. There’s a garden, too. The kids planted, tended, harvested and served cherry tomatoes in the cafeteria.”

- Kurt Baze Principal, SPS Highland Park Elementary School
Highland Park Elementary

Highland Park Elementary

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This new elementary school is designed as a great place to be — with doors that don’t close to students, families, and the community each day at 3:15.

Highland Park Elementary’s principal sees the school as a learning tool in itself, with exciting environments and teachable experiences, such as giant alphabet letters for climbing, around every turn.

Though designed as a contiguous space, the impression of several close-knit buildings reduces the apparent scale of the school, so youngsters — and the community — find it less imposing. Moreover, students can use the building’s colors to identify the space where they belong and claim the “red building,” for example, as their own.