Our Long-Running Green Streak

We Believe Sustainable Design is Part of Good Design

Constructing and operating buildings consume more of the world’s energy and resources than any other endeavor. More than ever, people are talking about the importance of sustainability. At Selser Schaefer Architects, it’s an internal conversation we’ve had since our beginning. […]

So What Exactly Makes a Project Sustainable?

Certainly geothermal heating and cooling makes a huge — and smart — impact. The geothermal system at 200 E. Brady, for example, drastically cuts energy consumption and will pay for itself in less than five years. Daylighting cuts costs while improving the internal […]

H-E-B Montrose Market

Our Sustainable Commitment

For more than 11 years, Selser Schaefer Architects has helped H-E-B bring its “Here Everything’s Better” experience to grocery shoppers across the country. Part of that“better” experience includes friendly, modern stores that incorporate many sustainable features. Created through close collaboration […]

H-E-B Alon Market

Our Sustainable Commitment

Part of the LEED for Retail pilot program, this project gave Selser Schaefer Architects and H-E-B the opportunity to work with the United States Green Building Council and provide insights for the future of LEED for Retail.  

H-E-B Bunker Hill

Our Sustainable Commitment

Green business practices such as promoting organic and local produce are nothing new to H-E-B. Working closely with the owner, we extended this commitment to the entire store through a wealth of sustainable features that earned LEED certification.  

H-E-B Sienna Parkway

Our Sustainable Commitment

After collaborating with the owner on this LEED NC project, we worked with H-E-B to develop a training program to educate contractors about the LEED certification process.