“[narrate] has provided us forward–thinking, innovative designs that are easily maintainable, operationally friendly, and are sure to stand the test of time.”

- Director of Facilities, Stillwater Public Schools

Westwood Elementary

Stillwater Public Schools

Westwood Elementary School has been an integral part of the surrounding neighborhood since 1950. Understanding its importance to the community, Stillwater Public Schools chose to build a new, 600-student replacement school at the same site.

This project had 3 priorities:
(1) Reflect the scale and residential language of the adjacent neighborhood;
(2) Engage the community in the design process;
(3) Create intentional spaces where students and teachers can thrive and grow together.

These priorities guided a design that reflects the neighborhood itself and is truly a school designed by the community, for the community. The new Westwood Elementary is a high-performing, healthy, and safe environment for the neighborhood and the children who live there.