The West Park development ushered in a wave of opportunities for Tulsa families to live in affordable, new housing that emphasizes walkability and connections to Kendall Whittier.

West Park Development

George Kaiser Family Foundation

The Kendall Whittier neighborhood is fully realizing the transformative impact of this George Kaiser Family Foundation development initiative. With a variety of scales and styles of buildings, the project is designed to fit in seamlessly with the surrounding Craftsman-style housing and apartments. 

The magic of West Park is in the urban design: nine buildings with a variety of housing types and styles, including apartments and attached townhomes, are arranged around the perimeter of the block to form a defined street edge. The main apartment building houses the community and exercise rooms that serve as a FEMA tornado shelter.

Only minutes from downtown, this front porch community encourages residents to walk, bike, or take public transit to access a variety of daily needs and brings neighbors together to create a stronger, urban community where children and their families can thrive.