RE: Retail

In the competitive world of retail, companies can’t be ordinary. Whether through innovative merchandising, outstanding customer experience or another edge, leaders must continually up their game. Finding ways to lower construction costs is one way we help our retail clients stay ahead – but that’s just the beginning. Through decades of collaborating with large and small retailers across the country, our solutions expedite delivery, improve systems and help our clients lead the evolution of retail. Here are three ways we continually retell the retail story together.


Retailers are creative and must experiment and adapt to changing markets. From integrating sustainable technologies and processes to trying new ways to display products or creating digitally integrated stores, there’s always a better way to sell. Selser Schaefer Architects helps implement such improvements across all of a retailer’s projects in various stages of development, from design through construction. Until the doors swing open on day one, we support change. Our job is to keep our clients at the very forefront of their industry, while making the constant flow of change invisible to the user.


Innovation doesn’t have to begin with wiping the slate clean and starting over. Selser Schaefer Architects helps find new ways to tap the existing potential of a brand. We dive deep into each client’s development model to find opportunities to reduce cost, speed construction and deliver quality efficiently. We love a challenge. It’s rewarding to share the findings of a thorough analysis, showing a team how to optimize their process and apply their skills.


Whether we’re working with a series of site-adapted prototypes or the unique concept of an independent developer, the insights we learn along the way enhance each new project. We search for things that may seem trivial, such as shaving a few steps off an employee’s work pattern, because this can boost productivity and reduce staffing requirements – giving you a competitive edge. We use Revit and other 3D technologies to help you see what your building will look like inside and out, long before construction. This also makes our cost estimating more accurate and eliminates conflicts between building systems. We increase economies through meticulously planned constructability, so you can start profiting from an operational facility faster.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Retail is about reinvention, rediscovery and refining. We make it feel seamless, as we continually deliver a better way to sell.