5 Overlooked Keys to a Successful School Environment

Architectural design for schools comes with its own set of responsibilities, including adequate capacity, affordable maintenance and extensive safety features. At Selser Schaefer Architects, we encourage schools and parents to look for these other important qualities shown to improve the learning environment for greater success.

1. Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can trigger absences and affect concentration. As densely populated places, schools need excellent indoor air quality.

2. Acoustics

Students shouldn’t miss important classroom content due to background noise, such as from heating and cooling systems. Young children require a high level of acoustic quality for comprehension.

3. Visual Comfort

Research shows appropriate lighting improves test scores and reduces behavioral issues. Superbly illuminated spaces simply create a positive environment.

4. Sustainable Design

A high-performance school is synonymous with a sustainable school. Sustainable design maximizes tax dollars, conserves resources and cuts operating costs — while teaching environmental responsibility.

5. Flexibility

Students learn in different ways. Today’s classrooms need more flexibility and a creative learning environment so that several activities can go on simultaneously.