Design That Puts People First

When you’re passionate about your work, it’s because you know the “why” behind it. As you go through your day, you’re constantly aware of that one reason you do what you do. It’s the motivation that drives you to keep looking for ways to do things better. It’s how you own your story.

As architects, it would be easy to assume our “why” is great design… the next big idea, the smarter use of space. But it goes much deeper. Great design is nothing without people to experience it, interact with it — and connect with each other because of it. People are our why. And we’re proud that this singular focus has been shaping our work from our very beginning, 25 years ago.

American architect Louis Sullivan famously decreed “form follows function.” We believe both must ultimately serve the needs of the people who will encounter the space. We call it people-first design. It’s our promise to our clients, our community and each other.