Tools of the Trade

Tools, Techniques, Technology — and the Art of Storytelling

To Selser Schaefer Architects, design is problem-solving. We begin every project by building a strong connection with our clients, then we look for ways to solve their unique concerns. In doing so, we consider: who will encounter the environment we create? How will they interact with the space and one another? What story is our client trying to tell and how can we help them tell it?

As architects and designers, we employ a multitude of tools to study challenges, create solutions and help clients and ourselves visualize design. From the organic exuberance of hand sketches and renderings to advanced technologies that immerse you within a virtual environment, we bring an abundance of ways to experience, emotionally connect and fully understand the possibilities.

Design that brings people together. Stories presented in ways that get people excited. It’s all part of our people-first design culture.