Projects Reshaping Downtown

Selser Schaefer Architects' Downtown Tulsa Projects Continue to Fuel the City's Resurgence.

McNellie’s Group

Selser Schaefer Architects is helping turn Tulsa’s former Brix building into an event venue and headquarters for McNellie’s Group, the entrepreneurial powerhouse whose popular establishments have been contributing to downtown’s revival for years.


Ross Group

Our firm’s design restored the 1920s International Harvester Building, giving it a second life as the home of Ross Group. The historic preservation beautifully respects the building’s original character while meeting the company’s high-tech needs.

Learn more about Ross Group’s office.


Box Yard

Utilizing re-purposed shipping containers that once crossed oceans, our design for the Box Yard will turn a vacant lot into an exciting venue filled with local retailers.

Read more about Box Yard.


Santa Fe Square

Selser Schaefer Architects’ masterplan for a new urban mixed-use development, Santa Fe Square, will transform two blocks of downtown parking lots into a vibrant destination with a center plaza.

Learn more about Santa Fe Square.


Hogan Assessments

With a proud nod to downtown Tulsa’s present, past and future, the world headquarters of Hogan Assessments responds to the many sides of downtown. Inside, the building features the first living office of its kind in the Midwest.

Read more about Hogan Assesments’ global headquarters.