National Case Study on First Living Office in the Midwest

Herman Miller spotlights Hogan's new world-class Tulsa office

Herman Miller highlights Selser Schaefer Architects’ project, Hogan Assessment Systems, in their latest case study. As the pioneer of successfully predicting job performance through personality assessments, Hogan Assessments leads its industry and serves some of the most powerful corporations around the world. The company’s previous home office, however, didn’t live up to its place of prominence in the global arena. Selser Schaefer Architects set out to design a headquarters that would reflect its leadership while fostering Hogans’ corporate values of “work hard, play hard.” We achieved that and a myriad of other goals including:

A Place with Personality  “as the Hogan people described it, ‘designing an office so much for Hogan and its brand that it wouldn’t fit anybody else,'” according to Britton Howerton of Selser Schaefer Architects.

A Place for Connecting  “The Number one goal for Hogan’s management team was to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. The new office addresses that goal through the purposeful variety of settings all employees can use, depending on what they’re doing.”

A Place That Appeals  “Another strategic goal: attract and retain top talent.” “Already the Human Resources staff at Hogan has seen an 82% increase in applicants after moving into the new office.

A Place for Growth  “Hogan’s Living Office has what it takes to evolve with the organization and its people, as their needs change and business opportunities arise. It’s a flexibility that relates directly to an understanding of Hogan’s purpose and character.”

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