Driven By Architecture

Our passion for architecture inspires a culture of collaboration.

Perspective is what gives a drawing dimension and depth. The same can be said of our team at Selser Schaefer Architects. Just as we’re known for our diverse body of work, the individuals who bring the Ice House to life every morning are a mixed and lively lot… more than 35 unique personalities with different backgrounds, skill sets, interests, quirks, experiences and senses of humor.

With each new face and chapter for our firm, our perspective broadens. Our new partner team weaves together the strengths of five energetic leaders, while our recently named Associate Principal Team reinforces our commitment to excellence in every core area of our work. Our expertise continues to evolve as well — in areas like urban planning, with our own John Griffin recently invited to Guatemala to work on the prestigious Paseo Cayala urban planning project. As young professionals return “home” to Tulsa, they bring their insights from working in national firms to our team. And more than ever, we’re inspired by the wisdom of Janet Selser and Robert Schaefer as they focus their energy on mentoring the people who embody the firm they cofounded.

With so many rich perspectives, what is the glue that binds us? At Selser Schaefer Architects, we believe whatever excites a team…unites a team. And here, that catalyst is our passion for architecture. It shapes our culture, creates collaboration and builds community.

Being driven by architecture takes good design and ideas further. And for this diverse lot, that’s a journey worth taking — together.

“I truly believe in order to be good at it you must give yourself to architecture and let it drive your life. One must give themselves to many things as life unfolds but beneath it all you must be driven by architecture.”

– Robert Schaefer AIA, LEED AP


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