Creating An Environment For Compassion

Positive Outcomes: Medical Projects

Healthcare is about helping people. So follows our approach to healthcare environments. Our designs help patients feel at ease — and help providers focus on what really matters.

Studies show healthcare environments have the power to lower stress and increase rates of healing. By showing consideration through features like daylighting, outdoor views, way finding and privacy, our designs help ease patients into their experience.

A second part of our patient focus means understanding the evolving needs of the people who care for them. By getting the technical details right — material flow, travel distances, procedure room lighting, lab and imaging efficiencies — we enable providers to concentrate on giving their absolute best for their patients.

We’re proud of our legacy of improving communities in a field that touches each of us: healthcare. The following projects from our two decades of infusing healthcare design with compassion collectively won multiple awards including four national healthcare awards.

Morton Comprehensive Health Center

With 42 exam rooms and 14 physician offices, this cutting-edge facility positively impacts the community through 100,000 patient visits per year. The center provides the full spectrum of healthcare, from family medicine and dental care to mental health and social services.
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Denver Health Center

Selser Schaefer Architects created an environment for this downtown neighborhood clinic that gives patients the comfort of daylighting and outdoor views throughout their visit.
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Southwest Health Center

In keeping with its rural setting, this clinic appears as a group of farm buildings with the warmth of simple American architecture. Its design is as relevant for patients and physicians today as it was when built in 1996.
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Cherokee Nation W.W. Hastings Hospital

The renovation of this vital healthcare resource for the Cherokee Nation expands the hospital’s reach while architecturally reflecting the Cherokee heritage.

North Regional Health and Wellness Center

Designed to be a true community resource for all aspects of wellness, this new center offers a full range of primary care and community health services, including disease prevention and wellness education.
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