Morton Comprehensive Health

“This is definitely the most functional and well-built facility that I’ve seen in the public health arena.”

- Robert Sanders, Former CEO Morton Comprehensive Health Services

Morton Comprehensive Health

Since 1921, Morton Comprehensive Health Center has earned a reputation of service to the North Tulsa community and to Tulsa’s economically disadvantaged population. The design of its new facility pays tribute to the organization’s legacy of care and compassion.

The new facility’s design incorporates culturally sensitive design images that reflect the ethnic diversity of the health center’s patient population. Curvilinear forms of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe inspired the curved atrium roof. Branching, tree-like columns and natural-colored interior materials enhance this organic form. The exterior walls — both brick and glass — are covered with beautiful patterns inspired by traditional Kente cloth weaving from Ghana.

The design also incorporates highly efficient and segregated physician, patient and materials circulation paths as the result of LEAN planning. Extensive daylighting and outdoor views further increase patient and staff comfort.